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About Me

Hey there! This is Jen. I am a yogi, CPA, small business owner and serial entrepreneur. I also teach things. Accounting, finance, business....oh, and yoga! I am also an avid runner, working on running a half marathon in all 50 states!(sidenote: I am at 22 right now..). I am also a mom, grandma and partner.

I have run a family day care, a restaurant, a yoga studio, owned rental properties, had a tax and accounting service and a few other little business endeavours along my life's journey. I have had successes and failures along the way, and each one helped me learn just a little bit more about running a small business. I specialize in the really little ones. Just one or two people, hoping to simplify life with a business they feel good about.

Why You Should Join Me

Why join me? Together we can help build great little businesses. We can work as a team to develop the skills you need to bring meaning and purpose to your business. 

Solopreneurs, consultants and gig workers as they are called, often don't feel like they can afford quality professional services. I often hear things like "I really hate keeping the books" or "I just want to teach yoga, not create a business plan", and the best one of all "I never thought I could afford a CPA". Here, you can join others on similar paths and get the skills and experience of your own personal CPA/CFO without having the pay the entire fee yourself! In fact, there is a FREE community if you want to dip your toes in the water, and premium content when you are ready!

You will have the opportunity to learn through community sharing, courses and resources. Just thinking about starting a business? Here you can share ideas, ask questions and learn from others who have been down the same path. Are you ready to start your SimplicityQuest journey? 

A Big Thanks

You rock! Thanks for joining me to make this world a better, simpler and more joyful place through entrepreneurship!

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